About Us


Our Approach

We know that you've been reading, learning vocabulary, studying grammar rules, working on your listening skills, watching French movies, listening to French music in your car and so much more. So now it's time to talk. That's what we are here for. We provide a space where you can talk in French and only French without the guilt of helping a partner with their language learning. Yes! It is all about you here. It's great to be selfish sometimes, isn't it?

Our Story

Like you, I've been learning French for quite some time. I don't live in a French speaking country, I have a busy schedule and I am not rich. I've spent ages trying to find a French conversation group online that is guided by a teacher or moderator who can help to correct my mistakes or suggest better ways to express myself. Meetings must be available on my schedule and of course it must be cheap without skimping on quality. I'm not rich, remember? I searched and searched and found nothing that met these criteria. So, I thought, why not create this space for myself and so many others like you and I who are somewhere in our rooms longing for the same thing. Voila! Parlezwithme.com was born. You can thank me later when you see me and hear me chatting my French in meetings with you.